Payment Management

Easily accept member payments with membership subscriptions, one-off charges, donations, and class/appointment punch-cards

simple payment management for wellness and fitness businesses


Zipper helps fitness and wellness businesses manage payments simply and securely

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Connect Stripe

Create a Stripe Connect account via Zipper

Build your packages

Our product creation flow helps you create your packages an subscriptions

Send payment links or emails for clients to sign up

Clients can easily create an account in Zipper and start paying you

What's included with Zipper Payments:

Simple payment and member management


Create recurring subscriptions

One-off Packages

Create a one-time payment

Punch cards

Create punch cards for clients to purchase and redeem for classes or sessions

Trusted by gyms, studios, and coaches all around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a fee to host payments through Zipper?

Do I have to use Zipper Payments?

Can I use Zipper Payments with Zipper Events?

What if I already have a Stripe account?

How do I migrate from my current payment provider?

Are my customers' payments secure?

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