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The easiest to use website builder and business tools to help coaches, health and wellness providers, and fitness professionals grow.

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Start, manage, and grow your business with Zipper

How Zipper helps you

Start your business

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey effortlessly by crafting a professional website within a minute and take your vision to the online world. Our AI technology makes it faster and easier than ever.

Manage your business

Simplify your daily operations with our management hub. Zipper's tools help you manage payments, contact notes, forms/waivers, and ensure seamless organization and efficiency.

Grow your business

Unlock your business's potential with user-friendly marketing tools, enabling you to write captivating blogs, create compelling ads, and foster meaningful communication with your audience.

Website creation faster than ever, site management easier than ever

How it works

Zipper takes the pain out of creating a website by using AI to generate a custom design, search engine optimized text, and images to suit your business.

Provide 3 details
Share a bit about your organization: the name, location, and industry.
Generate your site
Our AI-powered tool will generate a custom multi-page website complete with text and images.
Review, customize, and publish
Easily edit, customize, and publish your website to your custom domain.
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Focus on what your team does best

Everything you need to start, manage, and grow

Zipper's AI-powered tools help coaches spend more time helping their clients excel and less time managing their business.

Easy-to-use website editor
Our custom website editor, powered by AI, makes it easy for anyone to generate and manage website content and images.
Company formation and insurance
We will help you form your company and get the right insurance for your business.
Payments & invoice automation
Our payment and invoice automation tools will help you get paid easily, quickly, and consistently.
Event management
Manage your events, such as races, classes, and workshops with our event management tool.
Our CRM will help you manage your clients and leads, and keep track of your interactions.
Eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling with our scheduling tool.
Forms & waivers
Simplify client onboarding and surveys with our forms and waivers tool.
AI-powered growth tools
Expedite your social media and growth marketing with our AI-powered tools (coming soon).

We simplify and centralize all the business and marketing tools you need to launch and grow your business

Feature demos

Create and launch your websiteManage subscriptions and paymentsProcess forms and waivers

“Zipper allowed me to build an online presence for my private nutrition counseling in minutes and made it easy for me to manage my clients payments and focus on growing my business.”

Caila Y.
Caila Y.
Registered dietitian

“Zipper automated all my athlete subscriptions. I don't have to keep track of who's paid and who hasn't. I just set up my plans and I get notifications when athletes sign up and when they pay. I don't have to spend time chasing athletes to Venmo me. I love it!”

Evan S.
Evan S.
Running coach

Frequently asked questions

Great! You can simply connect your domain with your Zipper generated site and manage your site moving forward in the Zipper app

Sure thing! Simply don’t connect your domain and continue to use the other tools like payments, CRM, scheduling, and forms

Yes, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, email and we’ll refund you.

The right price for you
and your business needs

We have multiple pricing tiers to meet your business needs at a price your can afford.