May 6, 2024

10 Mindbody Alternatives

If you're using Mindbody and are looking for an alternative, here are 10 options to consider.

10 Mindbody Alternatives

MindBody Overview

MindBody is a widely recognized software platform designed for large wellness and fitness businesses. It offers comprehensive solutions for booking, payments, mobile app integration, POS, and CRM systems among others. With its array of features, it aims to facilitate effective operations management within the health and wellness sector.

While MindBody brings a robust set of tools for large enterprises, it has its share of challenges. Many users find the platform clunky, difficult to navigate and have reported poor experiences with customer support. Additionally, MindBody is known for its high costs, especially when additional functionalities are needed, often leaving customers feeling nickel-and-dimed.

Key Points About MindBody

  • MindBody is tailored for large fitness businesses with a rich feature set enhancing operations management.
  • Users report a complex and often user-unfriendly interface that could be intimidating for many.
  • It is noticeably expensive with added costs for extra features.
  • Limited marketing tools make it less suitable for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

What Makes Zipper Unique?

zipper better mindbody alternative

At Zipper, we focus on both streamlining operations and supercharging marketing efforts for fitness and wellness businesses. Our all-in-one platform simplifies your everyday tasks with user-friendly booking, payments, and CRM systems. However, unlike MindBody, our biggest strength lies in robust marketing tools that help improve your website traffic, automate content creation, and achieve higher Google rankings.

  • Zipper incorporates inbuilt marketing tools that drive more online traffic and enhance brand visibility.
  • Our platform is cost-effective with no hidden charges, providing all necessary tools in a single package.
  • Top-notch customer support is readily available to troubleshoot any technical issues swiftly and efficiently.

10 Alternatives to MindBody


As the ideal MindBody alternative, Zipper offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to manage and market fitness services. With tools for SEO enhancement and content automation, it's designed for growth-focused wellness businesses.

  • Seamless marketing integration with advanced tools for SEO and content generation.
  • Unified platform with no need for external integrations or hidden costs.
  • User-friendly interface increasing operational efficiency and client management.



WellnessLiving offers robust features similar to MindBody but can be overwhelming for smaller businesses. It supports bookings, payments, and multi-location management but struggles with usability and erratic support.

  • Includes extensive business management features for large-scale operations.
  • The interface has a steep learning curve that can be a barrier for less tech-savvy users.
  • Customer support consistency can vary which may affect the resolution of critical issues.



GloFox is built for gym and studio management. It facilitates class scheduling, membership management, and CRM. However, it lacks strong lead-generation tools which are pivotal for business growth online.

  • Focused on in-studio management functions with good customer service.
  • Can be clunky and misses crucial features needed for robust online operations.
  • Does not offer significant tools for marketing and online customer acquisition.



Momence is an intuitive solution for managing bookings, memberships, and events. Ideal for studios, it lacks in building a robust online presence and suffers from high transaction fees on payments of 3.9% for credit cards.

  • Elegant user interface that simplifies daily administrative tasks.
  • Limited capabilities in website and SEO management, impacting online visibility.
  • Higher transaction fees can increase operational costs.



Vagaro offers a varied toolset including a website builder and app management. However, its customer application has performance issues and lacks integrated marketing tools, limiting online engagement.

  • Comprehensive feature set with options for a la carte purchases.
  • Performance issues with the customer-facing app can hinder user experience.
  • Marketing and online presence tools are not sufficiently developed.

Acuity Scheduling


Acuity Scheduling supports basic booking needs and integrates with Squarespace websites, but it is not tailored specifically for the fitness industry, missing out on specialized features like class punch cards or advanced CRMs.

  • Simple and easy setup ideal for basic booking requirements.
  • Not industry-specific which may limit functionality for fitness businesses.
  • Lacks comprehensive CRM and advanced scheduling features like punch cards.

Wix Booking


Wix Booking integrates seamlessly with Wix websites providing straightforward appointment management. It's limited by its specificity to Wix and lack of industry-focused features.

  • Easily integrates with Wix websites, offering a simple booking solution.
  • Restricted to Wix users, with limited customization options outside the Wix ecosystem.
  • Does not support advanced fitness-specific features like membership management or class scheduling.

Mariana Tek


Mariana Tek provides an aesthetic interface with efficient support but is hampered by high setup costs and lengthy onboarding. It also lacks dedicated tools for enhancing web presence or generating leads online.

  • Visually appealing application with strong backend support.
  • Setup and onboarding can be resource-intensive, leading to delays in implementation.
  • Does not include built-in marketing or SEO tools, making it less ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their online footprint.



Punchpass is straightforward and quick to set up, focusing on fundamental booking and payment functionalities. However, it lacks customization in reporting and does not support marketing initiatives required for growth.

  • Suitable for businesses with basic booking and payment needs.
  • Limited customization options in reporting, affecting data-driven decisions.
  • Does not provide marketing or lead generation tools, hindering potential online growth.



GymDesk offers a concise set of tools suited for gym management but struggles with web customization and lacks SEO tools, making it less favorable for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

  • Geared toward gym management with essential operational tools.
  • Customization of websites is limited, requiring knowledge of CSS for changes.
  • Lacks integrated marketing features, making it harder to attract new online clients.

What is the best alternative to MindBody?

Choosing the best alternative to MindBody depends on the specific needs of your business. If operational management is your sole focus, options like GloFox or WellnessLiving might be considered. However, if you are looking to significantly enhance your online presence and streamline operations, Zipper emerges as the top choice. With its integrated marketing tools, easy-to-use interface, and commendable customer support, Zipper not only manages your business efficiently but also propels it towards greater online success.

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