January 8, 2023

Coach Spotlight: Cara Curran

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Spot Running Company was founded by Physical Therapist Cara Curran PT, DPT who treats Pelvic Health. She is passionate about returning to run for both prenatal and postpartum clients. While focusing on individualized training plans, Cara will be able to meet you wherever your fitness level is to help you reach your goals. As a runner, it is important to connect with your core to reduce the risk for injury. Before, during and after pregnancy it is vital for every woman to learn to reconnect and strengthen your core safely and efficiently. We will work with you to create a cross-training plan that is safe and in line with your goals. We also will be able to create a safe mileage and running plan that is unique to you! We look forward to hearing from you over at Spot Running Company!

Get to Know Coach Cara Curren

How do you start your running career?

  • This one is always funny to me because I grew up playing hockey and lacrosse where long distance running was a form of punishment for the positions I played. I also have had asthma since I was three so running was usually correlated with difficulty breathing! When my hockey career ended after undergrad and I began PT school I needed an outlet for my energy so I started trail running and found this helped with my asthma and reduced stress! I then signed up for a half marathon with some classmates and LOVED the challenge. I was accepted into the Boston Marathon in 2018 for Joslin Diabetes Center as a bucket list item "one and done, back to half marathons" attitude. However, after this I was HOOKED on the self-challenge; I've run one every year since!

What made you want to become a PT & Coach?

  • I was encouraged to pursue Physical Therapy due to my love of the sciences and the freedom my Doctorate degree would allow me. I started my career at a Level-1 Trauma Center in Boston which allowed me to gain knowledge of all different patient populations, especially with oncological and recovery after bone marrow transplant. I was a member of various running groups in Boston where I would treat different running conditions privately in-home. When the pandemic hit and I moved to outpatient PT focus outside the city. I wanted a way to reconnect with my runners in the city so I founded Spot Running Company to provide concierge PT-based coaching virtually.

Podcasts, Music or silence on long runs?

  • Reggae and slow flow for long runs to keep my breathing regulated and my pace comfortable.

Favorite meal after a big workout?

  • Avocado toast and an iced coffee!

Best city (or particular road / trail) to go for a run in?

How would you describe your style of coaching?

  • Personalized - I like to meet each runner where they are in their training cycles and adapt with their specific training goals in mind. I am a big cross training advocate so all my runners received personalized injury prevention plans.

Any moment you'd define as your proudest as a coach or PT?

  • I am proud of all my runners! Most recently I had three of my runners meet up at the Berlin Marathon and it made me excited to be a member of their friend group!

Favorite vacation spot?

  • Acadia National Park

Race recommendation for new runners (and why)?

  • Falmouth Road Race - great distance (7 miles) best part of Summer (late August), some hills for extra challenge, supportive crowds and the best views!

One piece of advice to someone just starting on their running journey?

  • Find a local physical therapist and get evaluated to reduce risk for injury!

If you had to pick one: morning or evening runs?

  • Morning! Sunrise views and best way to start the day

If you had to pick one: hot temp run (90F) or cold temp (20F) run?

  • Hot run- easier for my lungs and get to end with a swim!

If you had to pick one: 5k vs 10k vs 13.1 vs 26.2?

  • 13.1- try to do one every month

If you had to pick one: speed vs endurance?

  • Endurance- more to see!

If you had to pick one: road or trail run?

  • Trail- then I can take my pup with me off-leash

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