Forms and Waivers

Easy-to-use forms and waiver tool for wellness and fitness businesses

forms and waiver software for wellness and fitness businesses


Forms and waivers for wellness and fitness businesses

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Easily create a form

Use our step-by-step editor to create forms

Send them via a unique link, email, or add them to your Zipper Site

Easily get them in front of clients and store the data in one place

Supports - and custom form fields

Manage e-signatures and create custom form fields

What's included with Zipper Forms:

Easily build forms and waiver with our tool

Unlimited forms and waivers

Create unlimited forms and waivers

Website integration

Easily create forms and waivers and add them to your Zipper Website

Automatic contact sync

Form and waiver data is automatically synced with contacts in Zipper CRM

Trusted by gyms, studios, and coaches all around the world

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