Grow your business with smart social campaigns

Zipper will help you quickly create and run AI-assisted social media growth campaigns

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How it works

Easily manage events for your coaching, health and wellness, or fitness business

Create an account

Create a Zipper account and navigate to our Social Campaigns tool in the sidebar

Create your first campaign

Select your campaign target audience, voice and keywords plus the networks on which you'd like to post

Select your favorite prompts and provide some thoughts

Zipper will generate a handful of relevant prompts. Select your favorites and respond to each with a sentance or two

Let Zipper's AI do the rest!

Zipper's AI will then generate full length posts & images, optimized for each of the platforms you selected. Add a personal touch to each and post!

Get started today

Create an account and start using Zipper free today!

Zipper Social Campaign Features

The easiest way to create social campaigns for your coaching, health and wellness, or fitness business

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Manage multiple campaigns

Zipper lets you manage several different campaigns at once

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Minimal input required

With just a few sentences, Zipper's AI can take your voice and thoughts and create optimized content for your networks

Add your touch & schedule your posts

You'll have the opportunity to customize the generated posts & schedule them for posting

Grow your coaching, health and wellness, or fitness businesses

Additional Features

Zipper's platform helps coaching, health and wellness, and fitness businesses grow.


Create a beautiful SEO website in a few clicks.

Email Marketing

Manage your email newsletter in one place


Manage payments in Zipper

Event Management

Create and manage free and paid events

Client Management

Manage notes and details about clients

Social Media Automation (coming soon)

Zipper Social helps generate relevant social media posting ideas and automates posting

Reputation Management

Gather and display reviews & testimonials


Add triggers to automate your repetitive tasks

Generate a website in 60 seconds

Use our website generator to create a customized site in a few clicks