February 7, 2023

Levi Lukacs

Featured Coach: Levi Lukacs

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How did you start your triathlon career?

  • I was doing Modern Pentathlon as a professional for 15 years. 2016 brought many changes into my life and career. I had a chance to compete in an Ironman 70.3 relay in August 2016 and do the run part where we placed 3rd overall. This was the race that solidified my love for the sport of Triathlon. Having a great swimming and running background, I decided to focus my athletic career on Triathlon from that moment on. In 2017, I had the opportunity to come to the US to train and compete.

Podcasts, Music, or silence on long runs?

  • Definitely music, some EDM or rap or something that has good rhythm or sometimes podcasts. Triathlon-related youtube videos on trainer rides.

Any podcast, book or movie recommendations (can be sport-related or not)?

Favorite quote?

  • Defy the Odds and Keep on the Adventures

Favorite meal after a big workout?

  • Hungarian-style breaded chicken with rice and mayo corn on the side and Kota BCAA

Best city (or particular road/trail) to go for a run or ride in?

  • I went to a training camp in Colorado last year and any trail and road is probably up there. I did a 3-hour ride from Breckenridge without needing to ride on any roads with cars.

How would you describe your style of coaching?

  • I like to work with people one on one and make personalized trainings and lots of communication.

Any moment you'd define as your proudest as a coach or PT?

  • Last year one of my athletes PR'ed at 70.3 Worlds in St. George with a sub 5, that was pretty cool that he was able to do that on that tough of a course.

Favorite vacation spot?

  • I'm from Europe so any coast in Italy is probably my favorite. Since I've come out to the US, I haven't had time for too many vacations yet, I'm in Panama City Beach at the moment for a training camp and it's pretty awesome.

Race recommendation for new triathletes (and why)?

  • One of my first races was 70.3 Steelhead, the race venue is awesome, it's a little lake/beach town. The race course is fast but also challenging (swim is usually choppy, bike is rolling hills, run is flat with lots of turns and 2 big hills). Also Ironman Wisconsin was my first full, it's an amazing city for the whole family. It's very spectator friendly and the course is really interesting with lots of turns and lots of different terrains on the run, keeps you on your feet the whole way.

One piece of advice to someone just starting on their running journey?

  • Focus on consistent training rather than just big workouts.

Who are you following in the space/industry?

  • Lionel Sanders will always be one of my favorites, he's just so open and honest.

What are your favorite training apps and resources and why?

  • I think Training Peaks is the best tool an athlete and coach can have, it's easy to use, accessible from your phone, easy to plan workout, you can leave notes and rate every workout. It also gives you 3 graphs where you can monitor your progress. Also unpopular opinion, I think Strava is overrated.

Lightning Round:

If you had to pick one: morning or evening runs?

  • Morning runs for sure, GSD! (Get shit done)

If you had to pick one: hot temp run (90F) or cold temp (20F) run?

  • Cold temperature, nothing better than a trail run in the winter.

If you had to pick one: 5k vs 10k vs 13.1 vs 26.2?

  • Marathon

If you had to pick one: Sprint vs Olympic vs 70.3 vs 140.6?

  • Full Ironman

If you had to pick one: speed vs endurance?

  • Endurance

If you had to pick one: road or trail run?

  • Trail run

If you had to pick one: road, gravel or mountain biking?

  • Gravel

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